According to Popular Belief

I failed out of university last semester.

List of people who never graduated from college:
F Scott Fitzgerald
William Faulkner
Woody Allen
Steve Martin
Ellen DeGeneres
Bill Gates
Michael Dell
Tom Hanks
Richard Gere
Brad Pitt

List of people who never even made it to high school graduation:
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
The Wright Brothers
Henry Ford
Andrew Carnegie
Charlie Chaplin
Lucille Ball
Michael J. Fox
Peter Jennings
Quentin Tarantino
Jude Law
Jane Austin
David Bowie
Marlon Brando
list continues here:

Yeah, I failed spectacularly out of a prestigious university that I'd been accepted to only a year before with a whopping GPA of 1.2 and only a sparing handful of credits. Yes, I plan on going back at some point. But do NOT tell me that because I failed here that I will be a failure in life. I tell myself that enough, thank you, I don't need your help - just wait. I'm still going places, I'm still going to be somebody, I'm still gonna accomplish my dreams and I'll put my name on that list too.

Just wait.
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hey, its been a few years since this post. How has your life changed, did you find a way to come closer to your dreams? I would really appreciate a follow up since Im in a similar position but can believe that I am able to fulfill my dreams too.

I'm graduating on June 5th, from a different university. I ended up taking 16 months off school before I went back, but the 16 months I spent working a menial clerical position reinforced my desire to go back to school. Chin up. You really can do it.

I'm dancing the line of being roughly in your position. I failed out, got back in, and might fail out again... I honestly think I need time off, and I may or may not want to come back here. I've heard of a number of employees who think even people who dropped out of my college are hireable though, so...


the list of successful people really does help. I'm a senior in colleg, but I'm seriously considering taking a semester off.

If you are looking at this so optimistically already, then I can do nothing but say that failing is a GOOD thing! I took a semester off of college and it really opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing things. I'm back in school now but I honestly think I will leave again. Thanks for the list of successful people-- it definitely helps my case :)

good for you!!! i would never tell you that and i will look up that list and see you on it<br />
<br />
cheers and good luck

College education is grossly over-rated. Success in life, however you define it, is dependent on qualities, not qualifications. You'll go much further with dreams, drive and determination than you ever will with just a degree. I had the latter and not the former, and I ended up with a pile of Dodo doo-doo :P