I had to drop out of college yesterday. Actually my college dropped me. I feel like I've been dumped by an abusive boyfriend, actually. I made good grades and had a 3.5 GPA but I'm just on the verge of being ineligible for financial aid. Despite several visits to the financial aid office over the summer, I was never clued into this fact. They pulled my funding and my classes with no warning at the last minute. I can't afford to pay out of pocket and live. I'm done.
I'm 28 years old and this is my third attempt to get a degree. Every time I go back to school, something bizarre happens-like my car getting towed the day before finals, or saving up enough for tuition but then finding I can't afford the books AND rent.
I really think it just isn't meant to be.
I'm teaching myself to code and hopefully will get a job as a front end developer one day. I'm intelligent and hard working. All I want is to not live paycheck to paycheck and maybe be able to own my own home someday. Thank god I never took out any student loans. I'm in debt enough as it is just trying to survive.
Esheyla Esheyla
31-35, F
Aug 19, 2014