Wasn't My Path


Well leaving school was sad but I was ready to move on to do my A levels so I attended a local college (I could have went onto sixth year but felt I couldn't because of how childish they treat you) Anyways I stayed there until Christmas. It was literally like I woke up one day and said "wtf am I doing here?" I knew that even though I love animals and would like to work with them that music and performing was my true passion. And hey I've enough pets to keep that other dream alive lol.

I didn't like college much either, I had made friends but compared to my true friends they were like...nothing they felt like more acquaintances than friends. Even though now I'm a total bum living with my mother, no job (but believe me I'm looking) I'm satisfied (well for the most part I just wished I found a job BEFORE I left :P) 

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Mar 10, 2009