Music School Dropout

I spent the last year and a half paving my way to the best music school in america-- Berklee college of music.  Knowing that legends such as John Mayer and Quincy Jones had attended, I knew that I needed to go there too.  However, once I got there, once I experienced it, I realized that everything I every needed to know about music was always with me.  The reason I wanted to go to music school is because I thought that was my way of following my passion, but now I know that all I need to do to follow my passion is to sit in a room with a guitar and just PLAY.  And it feels soo damn good, just to think and feel and play.  It's the best feeling I have ever known.

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18-21, M
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Good on you, I've dropped out of a course because they wouldn't let me do the things people do in the real world!