My Only Regret Is That I Wish I Would've Done It Sooner

I hate the misconceptions people have about people who drop out of high school. I mean, just because I dropped out of high school doesn't make me stupid or a loser or a failure. It doesn't define or limit the course of my life and the amount of things I can or can't do, it just means that I took a different route to the same destination and there is nothing wrong with that. And honestly, since dropping out and getting my GED, (contrary to what EVERYONE told me and tried to convince me was true), I have not had a problem finding jobs OR getting into college OR feeling successful in my life. :D

Don't get me wrong, I respect people who graduated and did the work and everything, but I definately believe high school is not meant for everyone and society should be more accepting of different forms of education and encourage of it.

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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Same here.

I know right? Most of my peers that graduated don't seem ANY better off than I am. It's funny to me how everyone was SO convinced I was going to be a total failure after dropping out, yet I've actually done just as much, if not more than they have. And I am shocked to find how uneducated most of these people actually are O_O <br />
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Anywho, congratulations to you too! :D Go us!