I Got Kicked Out Of Hs

I hated school from first grade on! Hated it! I think I had undiagnosed mental disorder because I couldn't concentrate or sit still and focus while sitting in class. I was always in trouble for talking and making a fool out of myself and this was just elementary school! Jr High was a nightmare, I met a hand full of undiagnosed morons like me that skipped school to get high and drunk everyday. I was suspended for smoking in the girls bathroom and underneath a stairwell. Then for some reason, which I still don't understand they graduated me to High school...this was just unbelievable because back in those days (1970s) if you flunked Gym you couldn't pass on to the next grade. And I flunked Gym, and English, and math but did pretty good in science, glee club, social studies and a couple others which I forgot because they were retard classes, yeah I was in the dumb dumb classes. So, now I'm a full fledged imbecile in High school. Nothing changed in fact it got worse. I wrote in black magic marker all over the bathroom wall - which I got caught doing and had to wash it off. All my friends were jumping out of the lavatory window to go party in the meadow behind our school and I was scared of heights and was left there dangling with a pair of 3inch clogs on, when I finally mustered the the gall to jump the girls vice principal was standing there waiting for me. She yell at me, hit me across the head and shoved me into through the doors straight to her office and told me to "JUST QUIT, COLLECT ALL YOUR BOOKS GET OUT!!" so I did. A couple years later I found out I had a brain that actually survived adolescents and puberty and got a GED. I later found that I enjoyed learning and couldnt get enough so I put my self through college and earned two degrees and I loved it!
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Good for you. Learning is a lot of fun when it's not done the school way