I have severe social anxiety and also ulcerative colitis. When those two are mixed.. Oh gosh. Horrible. School was the thing that triggered it. Being around people I didn't feel comfortable around, especially being picked on. I switched to cyber school for 2 years but they kept marking me absent for days I was present (I had straight A's as well) so I figured, I'd just drop out. And you know what? I'm proud I did. A lot of people say "oh you're stupid for that" when in fact, a lot of intelligent people drop out of high school because they know they can pass the GED test and just don't wanna go through the whole high school thing. All the job listings I've seen have said high school diploma or GED. GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. So if you dropped out and feel upset about it, don't. My boyfriend dropped out of school because it was too easy. He wanted to move on with his life earlier instead of going through 4 years of schooling for stuff he already knew (he dropped out at the end of 8th grade) and he is probably the smartest, most intelligent person I know. :) I'm proud of my decision and I'm not ashamed in any way, shape or form. My dream is to one day become a physicist or biologist. Something along those lines. :)
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Thank you for posting this. I want to become an epidemiologist(study of disease) and I have severe depression and bi-polar. I've been wanting to drop out but my mom and counselor won't let me. How can I convince them to let me do it though? People think of the word "failure" when they hear about dropping out of high school and I don't know what to do anymore

Good for you! If you do become a physicist then the only thing I can say is prepare to remember a load of crap you don't need to remember... That's basically what a physics degree is these days. "Can you remember everything we throw at you?"... It's not even physics... It's more like history... /rant.

Source: I'm in my final year of a theoretical physics degree :p