No Regrets!

I dropped out on my 16th birthday and got my GED a year before the rest of my class graduated. When they were finishing up their junior year, I was in Cancun partying. I totally do NOT regret dropping out of high school. I still went to college and make more money than anyone in my family WITH a high school diploma. 
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I didn't drop out but was pulled out of school when I was 10. And at 19 I would do ANYTHING to go back to when I was 10 and try again.So I was home-schooled for 8 years by my mom who didn't really know the (@thetime) school work.Most 6th & 7th graders are probably smarter than I am. And because of that I can't live my life the way I want to. Plus I missed all the experiences of school.. traveling the world, having friends, out with those friends instead of sitting infront of my computer for 8 years, Prom, Graduation.. everything. I missed it all.So here I am, making minimum wage at a t-shirt printing factory, living in a crappy apartment, most of the time just barely getting by, living from week to week. Would it be the same if I hadn't been pulled out of school at a young age?

I am in the process of dropping out. I find school pointless- years and experience will always teach me more than books. I don't care what anyone says- I am doing this for me, so i can live my life the way I intend to.

Thank you for sharing your story. <br />
I myself dropped out in my freshman year, got my g.e.d., and I'm happy I did it. I'm glad to see that someone had a similar experience. I also think it's kind of a good thing to share just to show that H.S. isn't the only way to get a good education and that there are other if not better ways.