For People Who Dropped Out Or Are Considering Dropping Out

First of all, I can't relate to everything people are going through, but I can relate a little bit.  I haven't felt right at med school for a lot of the same reasons people are talking about.  

After my first year I talked to my dean about a leave of absence, and he said it was either quit or keep going. haha  I thought it was a joke because he was surprisingly impatient with me.  So later that day I thought about what I would have done if I were in his position and I made a commitment to myself that I was going to take the hit on my personal life, and keep going until I get his position someday--and when students have personal problems I was going to be more flexible than he was being.

I'm finishing 2nd year right now, and I still have the same feeling -- lets not let the inflexible control medicine!!!   I think there are people out there who could use a flexible yet knowledgeable doctor.  So if you have any desire to keep going, then lets keep helping each other get through this.

For anyone who has already dropped out - in all seriousness, once its over its over - and to hell with it; don't look back.  Your story will be our motivation and our success will be yours.

I really don't think medicine is a ''calling'' anymore, nor does it help to think of it as such.  There's no place for idealism, only practicality.  I used to think that it was a calling, but how can it be?  I think anything that is worthy of being called a calling should be totally free - i.e. a calling is what you do 24/7 and how you treat people 'always and forever.'  But the practice of medicine is just a job.  So lets take OUR jobs.
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I'm just going to vent for a second... I love all you guys. I wish you success in the short and long term. Since writing my post, I took a 'leave of absence' on the basis of a 'personal crisis.' So, I'm still enrolled and planning on going back. I recently learned a new word: Entrepreneur!!!!--this seems to be your fate when you take their aptitude test and become even more indecisive than you were before because you figured out how to ace all their stupid tests. Or, when you realize that it isn't your fault... nor theirs... its just that the systems that are currently in place are too small. Maybe medicine is not the problem, but just society in general, trying to fit people into certain boxes. But I'm too talented for the box!!!! That's my attitude right now---Entrepreneur first, medical student second. Every entrepreneur needs to be a scientist, artist, counselor, business-person, mechanic, etc... all at the same time; and every entrepreneur has to find a new path; and every entrepreneur has to have some knowledge that he or she works with... in some niche or some form of education... the education and the niche knowledge can come from any source, medical school or not. That's how I see it. Entrepreneur first, medical student second... plus 'entrepreneur' is a more acceptable word to society than 'unhappy' or 'dropout.' Most entrepreneurs do have to sacrifice... but in the end, to sacrifice part of yourself (in order to fit into a shape that you were not made to fit in) is much more devastating. So, that is my latest advice to anyone who is thinking that medicine is 'not right for me.' Maybe it is true that NOTHING is right for you and you need to create your own space. Being an entrepreneur is one path you can take. You can stay in med school, for the sole purpose of obtaining the niche knowledge and just go from there. Embrace the uncertainty. Make it work.

I read this book on a medical school dropout. I thought it was an interesting read. Below is the link.<br />
post it in your web browser. Maybe it will motivate you to finish.

Yeah, **** medicine

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