Pitch-pipes - Ugh!

I was sitting on the pan making good use of the spare time by tuning my guitar.  In these days I used to use pitch-pipes which, in case you don't know, you put in your mouth and blow into them so you can tune the strings to the right pitch.  Somehow, whilst I was adjusting the machineheads I lost the grip my teeth had on the pipes, they grazed down the front of my guitar and ended up in the toilet bowl.  I was in two minds, but I couldn't just flush them away so I stuck my hand in and pulled them out.  After a good rinse and a soak in TCP they were fine and I still have them although they have been superceded by an electronic tuner.

BTW - Anyone who plays the guitar and says they dont play sitting on the toilet is lying...

teather teather
1 Response Mar 14, 2010

That's hilarious! Bathrooms got the best acoustics in the house. My Fender sounds awesome in there