Tired of Screwing


The new Jeep took a crap after I left Toad Suck Arkansas so I had to borrow a truck and trailer when I got to Kentucky. It was a nice big 4X4 red truck with five on the floor.

There was a pony mare that had to go to have her foal under the watchful care of some Amish friends of mine and a pony stallion to be picked up. I drove 25 miles to pick up a ratty old horse trailer that belonged to a friend of a friend. Alice guided me as I backed up to hitch up the trailer and we had the ball and hitch perfectly aligned when we realized that the trailer hitch was too low. The famous Kentucky wind had blown the trailer backwards and the the screwing mechanism had slipped of the block. The trailer had to be raised before it could be hitched up to the truck. 

The farmer who owned  the trailer showed up, he was a farmer about 85 and still alive. He started cranking on the screw lever to raise the trailer. Soon he started huffing and gasping. He looked at me with a toothless grin and said "I am tired of screwing, you screw a while".

I did.

When the screwing up was finished, I backed the truck up and screwed the trailer down on the ball. The hitch refused to accept the ball. The geezer looked at me and said "You have to measure your balls".

I did.

The ball was too big and had to be changed to a smaller ball. With much wrenching and cussing the switch was made. The trailer was hitched and I as I pulled out of the farm the geezer hollered "The last gal that borrowed that trailer had a flat!". Since there was a spare mounted on the side of the trailer I was not too concerned.

Big mistake.

When I picked up the first pony I had a flat in the driveway of the man who had lent me the oh- so- cool red truck. He cheerfully changed the tire and as I drove away I was thinking the usual crisis that must happen with all trips was over.


We drove the 45 miles to the Amish farm belonging to Merlin who trains my ponies. Unloaded the mare and loaded up the stallion. The Amish people still use horses to farm with instead of tractors and buggies instead of cars.

It was getting late and raggedy trailer had no tail lights so I put the pedal to the metal and headed out to drop off the stallion and return the trailer.


Half way back I had to pull over to check a road sign. The roads get weaselly between Crab Orchard and Chicken Bristle and I did NOT want to take the wrong path. I got out of the truck to ask directions. Alice pointed at the rear tire of the trailer and said "You have lost your rubber!"

I had.

The tire had shed all the tread, there was nothing left but frayed steel radial wire. Since I had already used the spare, I just creeped along at 25 MPH. until I got back to the farm. Unloaded the pony and turned him out. It was dark and we were exhausted.

On the way home Alice and I realized that we had such a rough day we were too tired to go to the honky tonk to listen to the music because we had done too much screwing,  measured too many balls, and lost our rubber. 


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Heehee!<br />
<br />
Only you, peace. And only you would have your ponies trained by a Merlin! :-)

"You are NOT making your own problems. That is absurd.<br />
You are out there living life to it's fullest. When you do that, sometimes **** happens. C'est la vie."<br />
<br />
I am trying to live life to it's fullest....but sometimes my life leaks because of the holes in my soul.<br />

You are NOT making your own problems. That is absurd.<br />
You are out there living life to it's fullest. When you do that, sometimes **** happens. C'est la vie.

"Peace...<br />
You make your own problems, but you are wonderful for doing so."<br />
<br />
Do you really think I "make" my own problems?<br />
You may be correct....{I hope not}<br />

Eh...I am tired of having a Jeep in the shop in KY and another in the shop in Cali.....both are sucking up money that I don't have and I am still on foot!<br />

Celainn!<br />
Long time no see.<br />
How the world treating you?

"Buddy is adorable and i have missed you missy! HUG"<br />
<br />
Missed you too!

"I don't care how old I get I'll never tell someone I'm tired of screwing."<br />
~~~~~~~~<br />
And thats the diff between guys and gals!<br />

"Chicken Bristle road....hehe"<br />
<br />
REALLY is a road!

Buddy is adorable and i have missed you missy! HUG

I don't care how old I get I'll never tell someone I'm tired of screwing.

Today it wasn't a canyon but a trail through rolling fields. It felt good to be out :)

Chicken Bristle road....hehe

I always see you riding on a trail that goes along the rim of a canyon.....

Hehe...cutness and gaits are good reasons for those balls. <br />
<br />
I am running with the herd as usual :)

"Buddy is super cute BTW."<br />
<br />
Yes Trailguide he is and thats the ONLY reason he still has his balls.Gaited ponies are few and far between.<br />
<br />
How have you been?

"wow! can I come next time?"<br />
You sure can!

Hahahaha....now, that's a wild story POE. Somehow i am not surprised though ;)<br />
<br />
Buddy is super cute BTW.

"Keep riding the wild wind."<br />
You bet I will Lilt!

"ROFL!!! This is funny since I wasn't along for the ride."<br />

Wow.<br />
Friend, your life on this earth seems anything but peaceful!!<br />
Keep riding the wild wind.<br />