Movin On

After 24 years of living in a podunk, ugly town in Michigan, I lost my job, hopped im my car with 500 dollars, a pillow, 3 changes of clothes, my makeup, my laptop and cell and headed out to clear my head.  No destination, No plan.

I drove to Chicago, kept going.  St. Louis, kept going.  Little Rock, not yet.  Dallas, Austin....San Antonio.

I found myself outside the Alamo, enjoying a 80 degree day at the end of November.  Got an apartment the first Friday of December...No friends, no family, no job....That was 3 years thing I ever MYSELF!  :)

eyetech800 eyetech800
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2009

did the same at 22 i hopped on a plane to hawaii! a pillow a bag a laptop roller blades a bank check for 2 grand and a will to be warm and on the ocean! had a blast and learnd so much about myself!!!

Wow! That takes courage. Good for you, hope it all keeps getting even better for you.