Recipe For a Reckless Night

I wasn't the most responsible kid my sophomore year in high school.
I treated my body similar to a bouncy ball. I threw it all over the place and watched it helplessly bounce from wall to wall.

Recipe of the Night:
1.5 L  Red Wine
1         Silver Honda Civic
2         Male Teenagers

Prepare Male Teenagers by degrading frontal lobes.
Blend well with 7 dashes of Recklessness Extract.
Serve on an icey platter of bad weather.
Garnish with pop radio.

It was around Thanksgiving, so there was tons of extra wine sitting around the house. A buddy and I hopped in my trusty silver Civic and proceeded to cruise around town... drinking wine... listening to Ludacris. I don't know why the fact that we were listening to Ludacris is important...

I think the whole setting was just imprinted in my memory. We were two high school kids driving around town, during a snowstorm, in the evening, whipping shitties in parking lots, drinking wine from a bottle, listening to Ludacris. We weren't even much fans of rap... on second thought, modify above recipe from "degrade frontal lobes" to "destroy frontal lobes."
Sleepwalker Sleepwalker
18-21, M
Nov 6, 2006