I Drove Drunk 2

I was at a party drinking like crazy because I was going to stay there. A guy showed up that I did not get along with so I thought it best to drive home. I reasoned that most of the drive was in the country and just one short rode to my house in the suburb.

I actually got lost; I sort of drove in circles until I saw what I thought was a familiar road. It was actually a mud road leading to the lake. My car slid down the rode and the front tires actually landed in the lake.

I bailed out and started walking; middle of December, no coat. I made it almost all the way around the lake when a Ranger shined his light on me. I thought of running into the woods but I knew I woul die from the cold. I went and got into his squad car. He just gave me a ride home, he had to know I was drunk, but he did not ding me for a DUI.

I think back on it; I was 19, a DUI could have ruined me for life and I could have killed someone. I think that ranger was a pretty cool cop to give me a second chance.

Sad thing though; I read about a year later that ranger was shot. Some guy ambushed him for no apparent reason. The cop was already supposed to be retired, but he stayed on until they could get a new guy from the academy. Life sucks sometimes

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1 Response Jul 26, 2006

I've drove home many times while I was drunk I've got lost myself and I wasn't even far from home.