Cool, Me Too...

So yeah, I've also driven drunk like the rest of you.  Quite a few times actually.  Now I wasn't SOOO drunk, just a little more than tipsy.  And I've never really gone out of my lane(s) either.  But there's kind of a funny story about it...

About 2 weeks ago some friends and I were coming back from a party at NCSU, and I was driving.  It was almost 1:30am, and I had no clue where I was going and everyone else was out of it drunk.  So I realize there's a stoplight ahead so I slow down, and an SUV of some college kids pulls up next to me.  The girl in the front passanger seat rolls down her window and and all of us in both cars start talking and laughing about what was going on that night.  Eventually we exchanged Facebook info (yeah, kind of depressing), but it was pretty cool because now whenever something's going on over at State, they call us up and let us know.  So yeah... there are *some* benefits to drunk driving and ending up driving the wrong way.  Haha.
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2006

There's definitely no benefits to drunk driving. You're taking driving drunk/tipsy way to lightly. You're response time is delayed and your ability to pay attention or even keep your eyes focused is greatly reduced. What if you went through a light and didn't notice it was red or yellow about to go red? You could kill someone and at the least ruin your life if you got caught. It is not worth the risk. I use to drive drunk all the time and now I have to live with the fact I could've killed someone or ruined someone's life all for being stupid and selfish and not thinking about others. You just don't think you'll hurt someone else and we're both lucky we haven't.

I'm sorry, I just don't see any humor in driving drunk. People die this way and you could have been one of them - or worse, you could have killed an innocent person. Thankfully, you ended up ok and are able to laugh at this story. Many people aren't that lucky.