Stupid, Stupid

This is one of the things I'm least proud. I was 16, at a party. I'd driven up there with a friend who said he'd be the DD for the way back, so I had some drinks. Then, when we went to leave, my friend told me he didn't have a driver's license, and only had 10 hours of driving practice so far. A second friend offered to drive, but he'd never driven before at all and was rolling on E, so that was out of the question.

I told the two of them to help me watch what was going on, that I would concentrate on looking for impending disasters while they figured out where I had to go.

Nothing bad happened. No one got hurt. But I did turn the wrong way down a huge urban downtown one-way street, which was scary as ****. Luckily it was 2:30am so only a few cars were on it, and we were fine.

I'm never doing that again!
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1 Response Oct 6, 2006

hahaha, i hope you smacked your buddy good and hard.