The Alaska Highway and the Hgwy101

Hey there, Yes I did it too.
In July 1997 I start at the Airport Ancorage at 6:00 oclock in the Morning. My destination was Tijuana in Mexico. My means of locomotion was my bicycle.
Crazy I know - thats why I got the Name after 100 miles >>the crazy German<<
After 5 and half Weeks I reached Tijuna. But I must say, that I also use in the USA two times (1x ~300miles and 1x ~400miles) a Greyhound bus and on the Alaska Highway on all in all ~450KM roadwork the piggyback of a buildingside car!:-)

The Nature of Alaska and Kanada is unbelievable! And sometimes I drove more than 14 hours per Day! And also the people! I never had a problem! Also today, more than 11 years ago I have a contact in Kanada!

I must say that I NEVER would do this again! It was at the End to havy-going, althought I must say that I saw among Vancouver the best city with San Diego at the End of my journey
My next big destination will be to do all this again with my Family and a Campingcar!
>>I drove the Alaska Highway<< stands today on my Camping car here in Germany

Do what you have to do and then do it

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That is cool. I worked up in alaska....fairbanks to be exact on the Fort Knox project and yes you have to be there a while to appreciate it. The people are different but great.