Autobohn Traveling-what a Rush!!

Arriving in the hugh Frankfurt, Germany airport after being awake for 26 hours (couldn't sleep on the plane) was going to be a challenge.  I don't speak german, but thank goodness for the picture signs that led us to our meeting area destination and the car rental area.

With the rental car keys and papers in hand, we headed out to the car area to find our car...which turned out to be a black BMW station wagon! Our reservation was for a mid-size car, but we didn't know what make or model it was going to be.  First HAPPY SUPRISE of the trip, I get to drive a 2008 BMW!!

Follow the signs to A3 then to A7 and you'll get to where you want to go, we were told.  What the heck was an A3??  My mind was so fuzzy from the lack of sleep.

Getting to A3 was easy...Driving on A3...WHAT A RUSH!!! 

Once out on the open road, my husband told me to drive faster.  Heck, I was hanging out in the slower lanes going about 70mph.  Drive Faster??  Ohhh....why not. 

The speed limit was posted at 100 and 120mph in the fast lanes.  With my foot on the gas pedal, I pushed it to the floor and shot forward.  What a RUSH!!!  

Here I was driving 100 to 120mph, with the windows rolled down so the fresh air would keep us awake and having my first of many fun experiences on the autobohns of Germany.

Would I do it again??? You Bet!  Many times on our travels in Germany, we hopped on the Autobohns and drove like a bat out of hell!!

PeedeeDog PeedeeDog
8 Responses Mar 26, 2009

One more thing:<br />
DON'T do the Autobahn when you're tired! <br />
You can be happy you didn't have an accident.

Oh Boy, what's the rush? I am German, to me this is normal. But there are some misunderstandings:<br />
<br />
1) Europe is METRIC - like Canada and Mexico ( so the US are the only ignorants there )<br />
There are 2 kinds of speed limit signs in Germany ( fixed and variable ), the area PeeDeeDog mentioned is full of the variable ones ( red circle and white number ). If a sign says 100 (km/h) then you went appr. 66mph, 120 is pretty much 75mph and 160 is about 100mph. There is no speed limit of 160km/h (=100mph ), VERY likely you got something confused...<br />
2) Very important ! There are NO SLOW LANES on the Autobahn !!! A slow lane on the Autobahn is something like dry water. There is one driving lane ( the most right one but not the shoulder ), all the lanes left of the right lane are PASSING lanes. It is MOST recommendable to accelerate when you pass, to merge right when finished passing and to remember that passing on the right ( if the car you pass is left of you ) is forbidden!!! Tourists should at least get some practical experience, before going on the Autobahn - it's not only your own life you risk. <br />
3) Don't ever, NEVER sit on the middle lane, going 50mph ! Remember that some cars can go 200mph and Germany is full of stupes who do that. <br />
4) Only 2% of all German roads do not have a speed limit. And most of the time you cannot even go fast ( due to ignorants, who don't find the throttle )

Perhaps in our next life we can be racecar drivers...hehe

Ah cool! I was just checking. :) The signs just have numbers on em so people could get confused...<br />
They're pretty fun. I'm interested in the philosophy behind the parts of the Autobahn where you have to take the corners above 130kmph. If you're not a good enough driver, you have to get off..<br />
...I'm not a good enough driver.

I did 100 MPH on I-75 in Florida at 3 AM once. I was terrified. There... is a speed limit here. Haha... and the cops all look like they fell out of ChiPs what with the tight outfits and reflective aviator shades. So I braked pretty quickly for fear of disturbing the peace of The Man.

Yes, tearaway. Hubby converted the kilometers to mph's so I would know how fast I was going!

You know the signs on the Autobahn are in kilometres right?

Boy I'd love that,being able to go that fast. My husband and son say I have a lead foot.