I Didn't Eat Lunch For Two Weeks

Four and a haft years ago after my daughter was born i receive a call from a guy named Phil. I applied for a staffing job with my CDL license and he gave me a shot. 

"Be ready for work tomorrow, you'll meet a guy named Shawn." Ummmh OK, i have no clue what I was getting into, all  i knew it was a  a dump bucket that went to the landfill. 

It was a Saturday and i was driving with some guy who was working in a huge plant carrying what? "Sludge. Its the bi-product of waste water after all the microorganism ate it." OK i still have no idea what it was but it smelled really nasty.  He said that i won't be able to smell it when I'm in the truck and it was true. I felt so sorry for the people behind us, and only if they knew not to follow our truck too closely. But people on a two lane highway always did. I smiled and had that evil grin of "sucker!"

That day the landfill was opened for us, and there was a long line.  Scales, people at the scale house and what? "Yeah back into that hole." I'm not used to backing up on a dirt pad, normally pave and lines and a dock. What the hell !? Oh yeah, if you mess up, the edge is only so close to you, so watched out.  The smell of a landfill was also worth. The added sludge of black dirt was just as much terrifying as ever.  It was stinky and if you never smelled something so bad, you would know this is nothing to puke about.  We did two loads that day and on Monday I had my own truck same landfill to go to.

that day, i came in early as i would always do in a normal job.  My truck started fine but something was messed up, the brakes. Holly sh*T i was always used to having a decent truck, but with wear and tare the connection to the trailer often cracks and i did not know that. I drove fine for a while and i gotten used to fixing the minor things.  The dirt on the truck was a mixer of landfill dirt when it rained and good old sludge.  I dare not to open my mouth when i went to check something underneath it. For nearly two weeks i was fasting on lunch.  I ate only before work and After work. What the hell was I carrying and would it kill me?  After a while i gotten used to the smell, and working with the other two drivers in the company.

I finally ate lunch and at times stopped by the corner store and got me a soda or two.  During that two weeks my boss "Phil" asked me if I wanted a job with them. HUH? "yeah the plant likes what you do and I never had any comments that good before about a staff driver." Ummh OK, So i agreed and by this time all i could ever do was look back and I never left the company since.  I still work with the black stuff called sludge and you know what, the only time i got sick was when HAY FEVER hit during those month. Oh the good times. I develop a lasting employee/boss relationship with Phil, although we only talked on the phone and saw each other about 4 times a year. How good of a boss is that..


nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
Mar 3, 2009