A Bit About The Current Time Of My Life

This is my first story, and im not even sure how to start it out, so if something feels left out, please dont hesitate to ask.

I am 19, male, living by my self in an apartment since 01-03-2011 which is hardly decorated, i do not have cash trouble or the likes. I am using a bit of drugs(amphetamine, cocaine, hash) since about 1-2 years. I am a very shy person, which means i do not go to bars or partys unless i am invited and "pushed" to come, i have a hard time approaching new people in my life, and for the most part. all of my friends have approached me, and have got me feeling comfortable enough to make conversation, and eventually become friends. I have an even harder time approaching girls, as i have never acted on a feeling unless the girl really "pushed me to it", though i would like to have a girlfriend, as i feel like im missing intimacy, and closer feelings for a girl. As you can imagine i have a very small circle of male friends, and an even smaller circle(if you can even call it a circle) of female friends.

Comments, questions and advice appreciated.
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open up, you be surprised to see who cares for you ;)