No, I Can Hones...

No, I can HONESTLY say that i have NEVER been either drunk or high when driving, but LORD my father does it regularily. When I am the designated driver (usually) I won't go any further than drinking a Coke. One drink in my opinion alter's your abilities to re-act the way you would without alcohol. So I haven't done that BUT my doctor put me on a prescription that lead me too very short black outs that I was completely unaware of, UNTIL unfortunately I blacked out for seconds while driving and unfortunately ended up in a car accident. SO to all the people who sometimes might question the warning* do not drive large machinery until you see how this medication effects you * take NOTICE. My accident could have been deadly, luckily it wasn't. I had been on the medication for about 2 weeks and because these black outs were extremely short in duration, so short that I never detected them, until the accident, I will now ALWAYS becareful with any dumb medication I am put on. LUCKILY no one got hurt.

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1 Response May 21, 2007

well its a good thing to put things that you shouldn't do because your ctions can get you and every body els hurt