I'm Not Proud of It, Eithe...

I'm not proud of it, either.  I'm lucky to be alive and to have never had any accidents.  I have learned to call a cab if I have to, but no more driving under the influence.  Not too long ago, I left a party.  I remember getting into my car to drive home the rest is gone.  Woke up in my clothes at home in bed.  Sigh of relief, right?  Well, I go to my car and find a fast food bag in the passenger seat.  The reciept was from 4:35 that morning.  The restaurant was in a town 15 miles away.  I had evidently gotten turned around.  The party was only 3 minutes from my apartment.  F'ing idiot...
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2 Responses May 21, 2007

Folks who drive druck should have to drive with long spikes coming out of the streering wheel sitting right up to thier chest. Then they might know how it feels for the rest of us.

I couldn't help but enjoy this story. Do you realize that 20 or so years ago, you would have told this story and everyone would have cracked up! Crazy kid! Funny how we begin to view things differently as we get older. I guess wisdon DOES come with age.