Well,I was arrested in february for a DUI. I was not even buzzed and I just wanted to go home.A block from my home I get stopped for no license plate lights. The officer said I was driving fine,he just wanted to let me know to replace them, and oh,have you been drinking?Two beers and I blew over the limit.Two.I was not too impaired to drive,I was perfectly aware of my surroundings.I remember the night in every detail.I had to spend the night in jail because I blew.081 and the limit is .08.I dont really care what the opinionated non drinkers think,I know I was not affected by it and the officer who arrested me even said the same thing. Too bad he was new to his job and eager to enforce the law.Alcohol affects everyone differently and I know that law is for everyones safety, but it still ****** me off to know that I spent the night in jail for two beers.
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Sorry to hear that. I learn not to drive for if you drink. I've been **** face a lot and I was driving. I never got pull over for driving. I'm just lucky, I guess. Sorry about your DUI.

the same thing just happened to my bestfriend. it's at the point where we're just waiting for something to happen and it's horrible. i was just wondering if you could give me any advice for her... it would help me greatly.