Underage Dd

I remember a very lucky time for me. Lucky as in I didn't get any tickets!!! Me and two of my friend were out drinking and cruising gravel when the guy driving decides he doesn't want to drive anymore. I only had my permit at the time and the other girl had nothing. No license, no permit and no driving experience at all. Us being buzzed and carefree we think its a good time to teach her how to drive! WHAT?! Yeah, stupid idea. She goes to pull off the gravel onto a paved road and "forgets" to turn the steering wheel. I being in the middle, grabbed the wheel and turned us just barely missing the ditch in front of us. What we failed to notice was a cop coming from the other direction who apparently didn't like what he saw. Needless to say we got pulled over. I tucked my beer between my ankles before he got to us and he took my friend that was driving out and to his car. While me and the guy are sitting in the truck he tells me has a baggy full of pills on him. WTF!!! I told him to hand them over and shoved them down my pants. Then he needs to pee. The officer told him to hold it. I swear to god this is a moment from dumb and dumber. He grabbed an empty beer bottle and pissed in it!!! Luckily he was done by the time the cop came back and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Now while me and my other friend was in the truck she tells me she got a driving w/o a license, CNI, and MIP. And that she also told him that I was sick and that I hadn't been drinking. Oh how nice, now if he pops a breathalizer on me, I think he'll know you lied!!! Then it hits me. I have to pee. I honked the horn and the cop comes over and tells me he cant let me pee because his camera is right on the truck. After whining a little bit he turned the head lights off on our truck and told me I could go in front of it. Aahh relief!! Finally the cop comes back with my guy friend and tells me that since I hadn't been drinking ( the guy also told the cop I hadn't been drinking) I needed to drive us home. I told him all I had was a permit and he didn't seem to care. Just told me to go straight home. Here we go down the road, destination: home (not ours but where a party happened to be going on). My guy friend asks me to give him his pills back and the panic hit! **** they must have fallen out of my pants when I went to the bathroom, aka- street. He demands that we go back cuz there were hundreds of dollars worth of pills in the bag. After an hour of waiting to make sure the cop had gone we went back to find his precious bag, which incidently wasn't there. The cop must have found them. On my way back to truck the bag drops out of my pants leg! How the hell I didn't feel them by my leg is beyond me. Anyway, we went and partied the rest of the night away and then went home. I pushed my luck and came out ticket free!!
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2007

Drove drunk & high - well, cumulatively, probably about 3 to 4 months.

Definately earned the horns and pitchfork on this one! heheehehe j/k!