Now the Dedicated Sober Driver.

I've driven intoxicated a couple of times and I would never do it again unless it was life threatening. I consider myself lucky on two occasions that I even made it home. One night I was pretty drunk and drove my brother home after a loft party. We were both drunk and he wanted me to drive faster, testing my racing skills, like that was a good idea. Anyway I remember swerving very unecessarily once on the freeway and from then I slowed down and concentrated very hard on what I was doing. All I can say was that was an effen retarded decision.
The other one was after the first time I went to a club... WHY did I decide to drive. stupid stupid stupid. And the whole time I was worried about a DUI and not DYING.
I only drove after smoking bud twice, once was in suburbia so I had to drive really slow anyway and the other time was after a marley concert. Neither were particulary charming experiences, but neither were out of control either.
Anyway, not anymore.
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26-30, F
Aug 3, 2007