Only Once

My first night drinking I was at a friends house and there were a bunch of people there. I only knew one, lol. So I'm talking to these guys, telling them about the boyfriend I had at the time. They didn't believe I had a boyfriend who lived in another country. So I'm like, "I'll prove it!" I get out my cell phone and fumble around to unlock the keys. After I managed that, I tried real hard to remember the number I have to call for long distance access. Then I had to remember the long *** pin code. About 14 frickin' numbers. After I got that far I was so frustrated I completely forgot my boyfriend's number. I'm trying to dial it hoping I just remember as I go along, but it's not working. The stupid phone service thingy kept asking me to imput a correct number, and she was making me more nervous and after a couple minutes I just gave up. Which was probably a good thing cause it woulda been really early in the morning his time if I had got through, lmao.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2008

Drew77 Good idea also mention to ignore anything u text or say just to be safe

It's good you didn't remember his number. When I know I'm going to be in a "drunk dial/text" fr<x>ame of mind later in the evening, I tell my girlfriends that they might want to turn their phones off...hahaha