It Is 0245, I Am Leaving to Go and Look For Food

In the dumpsters at the back of a shop in town. It's only a few miles each way and I usually enjoy the trip if it's ok weather. i hope I get some thing good, I really need a decent haul for once. I have been getting too little lately.

Right I'm off out now then,

in a bit


TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thanks! :P<br />
.....<br />
........<br />
..........<br />
............Right I'm back. Hi! I got twelve little loaves of HotCrossBunLoaf. (Sliced) <br />
Awesome!<br />
I got nine little beef steaks (thawing) and a small pack of smoked bacon. Twelve little Viennese Whirls. <br />
..I didn't find a single vegetable. I will go gather some wild garlic later, after sunrise.. Garlic leaves are great. Very fibrous, you have to cut them up before you cook them, like a leek. garlic is abundant in damp woodlands from March to May :)

Happy hunting :)

Good luck to you!<br />
Share with me if you find something good? :)