I Carved a Key From Some Plastic...

So that I could open the "lockable" wheelie bins. They have one of those keyholes that is only a triangular block inside a hole. It is very easy to make your own key from the plastic brackets once used to hold kitchen shelves up with.

I am going out as soon as i FIND my only home made skip-key. I just tried to go out and realised when I was halfway down the road, that I'd left it back here somewhere.

I am so tired I fell asleep several times before I tried to go out,.

I stayed up all last night of course.. never went to bed,. paying for it now...

I'm falling asleep here.. got to go out.. must... hold...   o...n 

zzzz  zzzz  zzzz  zzzz  zzzzz  zzzzz

TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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6 Responses Mar 7, 2009

My camera is my sonyericson phone, i didn't get the CD with it that contains the program that gets the pics off the camera, so i have tried to download it for this computer but it always fails.. well I'd try it again . but i cant to that on public computers.. I can't power a laptop on a totally off-grid source whilst travelling on a bicycle, I can only do 6 volts at the moment so no chance of just usin a laptop. :(

Oh good.... that you're not leaving!! You have quite a fan base here, and it wouldn't be fair if you left us for good!!!! Will miss you when you're not here as much though. :(<br />
<br />
Why can't you get pics up here?

I just wrote a comment here but I got cut off again. Always gettin cut off..<br />
<br />
I am not leavin Ep I am only gonna be here alot less so I will be keeping the account open, not even suspending it or anything. I hope I'll have lots of comments and messages each timeI log-in. I will have to answer in one big story sometimes. I guess I will do a blog.. finally. I wish I could get pics on here but it looks like its gonna be impossible. *sigh*<br />
I will be here though. Not leaving EP.

Traveling??? Noo!!!!!!! You will be missed....don't forget about us ok??

*lol* thanks for the advice.. yeah I did eventually, but dinner doesn't catch itself, you gotta go hunt for it. I spend too long here.. I need to wean myself off my EP addiction. That is why I have changed my name. i will be gone again soon, summer calls for a bit of roamin.

Stupid stores always have to lock up their trash bins these days. Why, so people don't steel their precious trash? I never understood it. :-<br />
<br />
Baskit...er....uh....Hobo...you might need some sleep eh?