Last Night Was... Ok

Well last night I went out to town at 0400 before it got light. The moon was turning orange and starting to blur behind the low morning mist as it went down. There was not a breath of wind and all was quiet...  except for the horrific grinding noise from the un-oiled chain on my bike.

I got into town and went straight to my favourite dumpster at the back of a large store.

In the dumpster were a pile of big plastic bags and I hauled-out a couple of likely-looking ones.. I managed to find a few items worth taking with me...

Three oranges (slightly flattened on one side)

A six-pack of little pots of Creme Caramel desserts, (seperated, when they should be joined together)

A small packet of American long-grain rice. (no idea what was wrong with that)

A loaf of decent white bread (past it's sell-by date)

Two packs of oven-bottom muffins (I don't know the American for 'muffin') (past use-by)

A pack of pancakes (past their use-by)

I thought that was not really enough, so I grabbed a whole roast chicken that was in there too.


Then, in case that still wasn't enough to eat, when I had it all packed away in my rucksack I headed up to the second-favourite dumpster behind a smaller store nearby..

I took out a couple of general waste bags to get a better look inside the dumpster..  not expecting much from this less reliable dumpster.. I certainly was not expecting what I saw......

... six packets of [potato-chips] of various favours, two cartons of a litre each of pineapple juice -still in-date until February next year,

and some bottles of beer.

Ohhhhh yeah,

I said


**** ME.

**** YOU.

Hell yeah.

And two lamb chops.


It was a stuggle fitting all the beer in my rucksack. I had to tie the bread to my bike.

The circulation in my arms kept getting cut-offf by the straps of the rucksak as I rode back with all the heavy stuff.. too much glass.. I think they shouldn't make such tiny glass bottles. It's inneficient and bad for the planet.

I had a breakfast of the two lamb chops, which I had with mint and rosemary (fresh from the garden) and four of the muffins (toasted) and a few bits of lettuce and washed it down with a bottle of beer at 0630 on a Sunday morning.


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11 Responses Apr 5, 2009

Working at the food department in a grocery store, i have noticed the same thing. We throw out so many chickens!! All i can think is,.. that chicken died for nothing. Absolutely nothing. <br />
I just dont get it, if were not going to be able to sell it then give it to someone who needs it!! not like there arent poor people around my town! They could use it...

Sorry , I forgot to add ; the dumpsters are kept locked at the stadium ; my friend also asked if she could take some of the leftover food to give to family and friends and was told , absolutely not ; because the corporate boxes are paid accounts , the food is not to be "on-sold" .How ridiculous : "ON SOLD???"<br />
Don't get me wrong ~ there are as many people here in NZ who are reliant on the waste of others for their (often) only means of food ~ I couldn't agree with you more.

Hmm.. Well, if they didn't waste this food by bagging it up for me and leaving it in the unlocked dumpsters, I would not be able to do what I do. I wouldn't be able to spend 14 hours a day on EP. Soo.. though I think that the world is messed-up and I would like for everything to be better and for people to look after the planet and each other, I am reliant on this waste as my means of survival at the moment.

It's disgusting , how much food is wasted , I agree. A friend works the corporate boxes at the local stadium ~ whole hams get thrown out , some with only a couple of slices carved from them. Platters of food wasted.<br />
The promoters of these events need a serious shake up. No need to ask what's wrong with the world ~ the douchebags who think it's right to waste food and other resources need dumping.<br />
Supermarkets here have a drop off of 'extras' at the local goodwill shops , where , every morning there are lines of people waiting for the bread , cakes , fruit and veg.

First rule of dumsterdiving:<br />
Don't talk about dumpster diving. (to others in your area)<br />
<br />
Second rule of dumpster diving:<br />
Don't get caught by the staff. <br />
<br />
Third rule of dumpster diving:<br />
Leave everything neat and tidy and leave no obvious signs that you have been there.<br />
<br />
Therefore you should go after the staff have all left at night. Usually the bags are taken out about an hour after the store closes, however, you need to do some reconaissance and find out for sure. It's safest to leave it a bit longer if you are unsure. <br />
Also be aware of other people around you.. sometimes people are attacked at night in towns for appearing vulnerable, homeless or different.<br />
Take a torch (flashlight) but use it discreetly.<br />
If you have to cycle to the dumpsters, and climb a fence, lock your bike up before you go in even if you can see your bike.<br />
PM me if you need any more tips.

Best time of day to dumpster dive?<br />
<br />
New to the whole idea.

Great comment Tib's. That should be a story. lol.

Amazing! As well as dumpsters have you noticed how people waste food generally? I went to a pub one day just for a drink and I couldn't get over how much food people left on their plates even though they'd paid a fortune for the meal. One day I noticed a whole side dish of untouched vegetables left on the table (in the pub garden) after a couple had got up to leave. Confession time I'm afraid, when no-one was looking I gobbled the lot!

Wohoo!!!<br />
<br />
I wish I was near you so I could trade stuff... I can't eat wheat/gluten so when I find bread and such I have to trade with folks.<br />
<br />
Anyway!! Good find!

It would spoil the symmetry though.

Yeah, you're right about the bananas., I keep finding bunches of five, with one of them a little squashed or dented, so I just break that one off and take the other four, and they're ripe as opposed to being green and hard and having to wait a week for them to ripen.<BR><BR>Yep, It's a hard life for a hobo in the UK. <BR>mmm... time for another Bud' I think..