Hanging On

i dwell on the things in my life that i know i can't change.
like us , i wish that i would of listened to everyone that said you
were bad for me.
that you would do what you said you woulld,but i had
more faith in youthan they did.
i dwell on eveyrthing that i could of done this year
instead of being rapped around you.
i don't rreally regret i , i just dread it.
how could i be so dumb , tto listen to your bull crap
and not listen to the song that was right in front f me.
girrlygirl girrlygirl
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 15, 2010

These situations happen many times over, and it will continue. But not all will gain the insight you have<br />
in your pain and I admire a young person like you for the maturity you have acquired through your ordeal. {{hugs}}!!