I Can't Help But Dwell.

I hate upsetting people or causing problems but sometimes it seems thats all i actually do! i'm not a ****-stirrer but all that seems to happen at the moment is arguements and that. It confuses me because i can't see a connection between the different ones except that i'm in the middle of it so surely its me thats the source of the problems?
when i've upset someone or someone isn't speaking to me i can feel my heart beating faster and it feels like its purely pounding against my ribs and trying to burst out and i feel like that until its resolved and it hurts. it's like a physical pain - throbbing - and i hate it and i hate myself for making me so vulnerable to pain!
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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

I feel for you, I'm the same way and I need help myself.