Mainly My Past

 i know i cant change it but ive done so many stupid things  i used to party Way to hard !!! i just want to try and forgive my self but its so hard in the words of Maynard  " if i could i would wish it all away " .. but i cant so i have to use other outlets to forget  i guess this is where I should be using therapy as an outlet
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no one can change their pasts<br />
all we can do (unfortunetly) is forgive ourselves and move on.<br />
i know what its like to be a big partier.<br />
i got expelled for craving it so much.<br />
it sucks<br />
but i also know that without them i wouldn't be "this much stronger" today.<br />
if i were to dwell on me messing up then i would be stuck and lost and even more confused than i am now. its soo hard to let things go and forgive yourself. but just know that everyone else is opening up their arms *hug* because we want you to forgive yourself and keep living life.<br />
<br />
anytime you want to rent about your mistakes or pain<br />
i know it feels good to get it off your chest.<br />
you let me know<br />
<br />
hayley =]

That or talking to a priest or something.