I can't change time and it's always on my mind.

In my head I am still youthful and energetic. In the mirror I am ageing. The greying hair, the wrinkles and worry lines. I can't stop time but I wish I could. My body now creaks with age and my muscles groan.

My children are growing up so fast. Their "baby years" feel like only yesterday, but in reality they were so many years ago. Time doesn't care that very soon my kids will no longer rely on their dad. That they will become independent and leave home. Instead of slowing down so that I can enjoy the time with them, time is speeding up!

To me time is a trickster, and weakens our bodies with age, yet lets us still believe we are fit and strong. And time is a thief. It robs us of our youth, our hopes and dreams, our families, and eventually our lives.

I definitely dwell on it too much.

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1 Response Apr 6, 2012

I tell people (only half jokingly) that I'm not participating in old age. Barring illness or injury, I think age is largely a state of mind. Even when I was younger, I never felt any particular age. I just was. And continue to be. I try to stay fit, have a good attitude, and just be.<br />
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Time may change me, but I can't trace time...