Holding On Bya Thread.

i got pregnant and gave birth a beautiful baby boy in july 2012, i was fifteen. just out of my freshman year of high school. and i had to make the biggest decision of my entire life, my sons life mostly. it was either let him be with a family who knows how to give him everything instead of lacking in every department that i know i would have lacked in. or keep him and live in poverty, drop school, and work to the bone and get nowhere. i chose to give him the best life i could possibly find him within a few months, and let himbe adopted by a wonderful family who sends me pictures every few months along with updates. im at peace with thesituation im just not at peace with myself! how could i dissapoint myself, my mother, my peers, my education, and most imprtantly my son? he is the most important thing to me from the moment he was conceived to the day i die. he is what is allowing me to prosper with my life, at least he was. recently i think ihave developed post partum depression, and i have no effort whatsoever for anything. my heart is hurting , and its soo heavy now. everytime i see his picture i imagine my life with him, and think; i couldve done it..............
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I will keep it simple. You made the right choice. Don't let yourself feel bad for doing the right thing. You will never stop loving your child, and that makes you a great person. Get yourself taken care of, that way when he is old enough to ask he will already know, because you will both be proud of you.

Hello bridoll,I read your story.I have no words to put you down with.I think it was indeed a wise decision for a 15 year old to make.I do have a concern about your writing,though.I think at each place you used the word "I" you wrote it in a small cap "i".Using the the "i" as a word should always be a cap as in "I am a woman".Nevertheless,I'm thinking that you may be feeling less than when you make the word "I" with the letter "i".I am an observer and it doesn't appear that any of your I words was a cap.See what I'm saying/referring to?I want you to always use the word "I for your life and never the i as in less than".God bless you in your life's journey.You will be fine,"I" am sure of this. Hugs to you.