But Why?

i dwell on things like why i was born with such a horrible body? why can't i have kids? why am i so good in school? why did dad get sick and have to have his leg amputated? why can't i be prettier? why can't dogs talk? why do we have to work to make a living? why is all this stuff in my head and why am i thinking about it?

scooper scooper
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Genes. Genes. You're hardworking or genius. Due to probability, I know, it sucks. You can - plastic surgery - people say it's not a solution, but it can be. Lack of human vocal cords. Because we haven't programmed machines to do everything for us.....yet. Because you're a human....a cognitive being, everybody thinks about things like these.