If Only It Was Easy To Turn Off The Switch...

Doesn't it get to you when you hear the phrase, 'stop worrying over things you can't change'. Ok, there is alot of truth in it but the fact of the matter is for alot of people, your brain doesn't turn off or on at the press of a button, to change something that has become so inbuilt into your system, something that you have spent much time dwelling on, it is a very difficult to just stop. It can take a long time to get over bitterness, grief, upset, trauma and sometimes with the aid of professional help as we can't all do things by ourselves. Eventually though, I do think there comes a time when you get fed up of harbouring disappointments that you just refuse to let it control your life for any longer. You realise what has been stopping you all this time from pursuing your dreams, what has been holding you back. And it is when you don't allow the issue to be significant any longer, it loses its power, like a crocodile being deprived. But the bottom line is, we ultimatly decide how little or how much things control us.


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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Yes, yes and YES! I feel bad for worrying about theses things (or people) as it is wasting my precious time and energy, but if it is an ongoing problem It needs serious attention. Still I wish I could not worry about them and just be happy most of the time.

Reading your story reminded me of another saying I hear that is a bit similar to the one you mentioned; "Let Go and Let GOD" I love this "concept" however I find that I am always worrying about how my means will come to an end. I put so much thought into "how" I can affect the outcome of a situation or how many alternative actions there are that I can take to come out with a positive or (most) positive result. Basically, I feel your pain... :-) If only my brain came with an "auto-pilot" switch..