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Drifting Off To The Land Of Dreams

     I so enjoy sleepy town.  I would say that sleep is likely the most enjoyable experience we have.  The peace just hugs your entire body.  Where else can you be anything your mind can imagine, where else can you fly as the birds of the sky?  I personally sleep like the proverbial log.  I turn on the fan beside my bed and sink into nothingness.  I welcome the black void, for I know, there are colors beyond.  I love the realm of many dreams, I yearn for the adventure.  To some, the black void scares them away from the realm therefore; they have trouble sleeping.  How my heart goes out to those in need of nothingness.  I dive straight in, I hold nothing back.  I shout at the residence of sleepy town and say with a deep resonating voice...I am here!  Beware oh town of dreams, I come to pillage and plunder to my hearts desire!  I will take the dream I want.  Shall I fly?  Shall I shimmer?  Shall I strum the two stringed guitar?  My wish becomes my reality in this wonderous sleepy town.  My friends, enjoy the simple pleasures...
ksunbiz ksunbiz 41-45, M 2 Responses Feb 13, 2012

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your words are right on target. i am reminded of my many dreams. thank you for taking me down memory lane.

sometimes i wonder if dreamland is what its like after you die. alot of times for me i dont feel my body but i am participateing in the dream. only a few times i have realized i was dreaming so i found a mirror and it was not me in the mirror. i was fasinated at how detailed everything was, i walked around and told everyone they were not real, i also fly, not all the time, and dream in color...i hate nightmares like everyone else but yes i love to dream, i love seeing my parents who have is always an adventure!!!!!!!!11