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Why God Created Lucifer

Have you ever wondered why God created Lucifer?  If God created Lucifer knowing full well that he would later become the devil Satan, why even bother eh?  I have often pondered this.  I believe I know why now though.  Let's see here...God made Lucifer the absolute best angel ever!  Lucifer was FINE, talented, smart, and WAY srong.  The thing is, the angels were created kind of like us; in the sense that they have free will.  The angels can make choices just like us.  God knew that Lucifer and a third of the other angels would turn against Him and all He stands for.  Why let Lucifer exsist?  To understand big thoughts we must first understand little thoughts.  Try this: we humans have kids, we have kids knowing full well that our kids might turn against us and all we believe in.  You see...we still have kids.  Why do we still have kids?  I've often thought, once Lucifer turned against God, why didn't God just snuff him out along with the other rebellious angels.  Now, apply that same logic to our kids...would we just snuff out our rebellious kids?  That sound preposterous huh?  I think if God wiped out Lucifer all of creation would wonder if the lies Satan spews about God were true.  Right now and while this life goes on, there are two the end, we'll get a summary of sorts and see God's world, Satan's world, and we will see which is better.  If we only had one worldview, how would we know if another was better or worse?  So, I guess this way is best in the end, but this fallen world really sucks in a lot of ways.  Now, i'm not saying there is no good here, there really is good all around, it is just upsetting to witness so much bad.
ksunbiz ksunbiz 41-45, M 1 Response Feb 20, 2012

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Lucifer is alot of things but mainly the God of Limbo and artist. PEople teetering lol on ascension. Lucifer is there to get through on the rainbow bridge to heaven which is a great journey actually but dangerous path that I don't'recommend to all. SOme need to take their time knowing god in little bits but if you want to really know GOD then you must become Lucifer to get there to CHrist Consciousness.