My Logic As It Stands Today

Through her eyes, the world was full of cob webs. In so many ways was her life tangled up into the thin but yet strong hold of others. It was just a matter of time before her struggles awakened a spider nearby and then it would all be over. So why was she struggling to be free when it was just making the end closer? But then again, isn’t everyday one day closer? Closer to you’re demise? So she will keep fighting the web of destruction in hopes that her name will be remembered as the one fly that decided to fight back. And isn’t the world a giant experiment just like she was?

So far, it was the only planet that could support any type of life. Granted, the life here wasn’t all warm and fuzzy all of the time but it was still life filled with lives and the thorns of the negative side of the blue marble was just another part of this experiment and so, the variable can never be terminated.

That’s why bad exists. Also I learned that if everyone was good, they’ll be no such thing as “good”, there’s also no chance of trying to do good in the world because all good is, all light is, is a blanket of comfort, to cut a distressed person a break. Or cut the inky blackness back so a ray of light can fill that void. And what makes a distressed person? Answer: the bad things of life. But once again bad isn’t always bad in the end. Maybe the trigger is a dark thing but the product of this dark is once again light.

And as long as I’m talking about light, what is the definition of light anyway? Light is everything and what another thing I learned (scientifically) is that there’s no such thing as darkness. Seriously. You can’t make the dark darker but you can take away the light. And even then there’s still light. Mhm. Just not the sort of light that you can visually see but it’s still there… and I get you can think that over a bit like I did and decide to use it as a metaphor for like, everything. I’ll let you do that. That’s your homework.

 As for our planet? Yeah, we’re physically alone. Of course, the possibility of other life is quite high, (and I KNOW) but I don’t think its there. Think about the probability of our EXISTANCE here. Its not making us burn it, or freeze to death. The atmosphere is made of something which we can breathe. The pressure isn’t crushing our internal organs. The moon is tilted so perfectly and the Earth’s tilt is so perfect that makes the tides perfect. One degree more or less will be catastrophic. So why is it in a perfect physical balance? Because we’re the only environment, the only experiment with the potential for answer to whatever we’re being tested for.

And that is all.

Skippytay Skippytay
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That is brilliant!

I applaud you! I absolutely love that story.

thanks!!!!!!!! lol