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And Yet Again...

Every time i dyed my hair i dyed it black and i loved it, my natural hair color is a medium brown and i like that too and it's pretty and all but i just get so sick of the same thing. It's like i cant ever me the natural me but only because i get bored haha. But this time i wanted something crazy because im 18 and all and its my time to be stupid. So i went and bought blue, and first i had to bleach it and then put the blue in, but i guess i didnt leave it in long enough and it cam out grey D: so the next day i got the same hair dye kit and i bleached it again, but i just bleached it, and there were some left over spot that didnt fully bleach and guess what? They were the blue spots, but not only that, the blue ran and it turned purple so nowwww my hair is like this blonde/white color with blue and purple at the top of my head basically, and i LOVE IT ;D haha So i guess it was a happy mistake :)
daphi daphi 18-21, F 5 Responses Jan 9, 2012

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It sounds pretty cool... Oh god, I can never have the guts to dye my hair into blue... :))

I used to be too afraid but idk what came over me haha. Guess I don't care what people think as much

Wow. I think that that's a very good thing to do in life... Though the reason I don't dye my hair has nothing to do with the ppl around me. I just love my hair black... :))))

electric blue,,with black high lights,,hows that for a twist?!

That sounds pretty :D

Sounds awesome! As long as you happy that's all that matters! I've never dyed my hair blue but would of if I could of. I have to look professional :/ SO I dye my hair blue black...the blackest black :)

Haha I understand that. Thats why I did it now bc I know once I get older I won't be able to. I dyed mine black too. Its pretty but I'm really white so I looked like I should've been in twilight lol

Haha thats very true :)

some of the best things happen by accident