Me Too

I started dyeing My hair when I was about 13 as I hated its non-existant colour.  As Mine is bleach white I bleach it every 8-10 days as I HATE having visible roots.
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That is still a weird term imo.

Towhead refers to their light haircolor that's similar to flax (also called tow). It has nothing to do with toes.<br />
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My sisters and I were towheads :)

Ohhhhhhh!! I never would have guessed!

I dont understand the 'toe head' reference?<br />
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I wish I had naturally white hair!!

I am a trained haidresser so I know what I'm doing. :-)

I actually like a little root showing. I remember when that was really cool, when Courtney Love was fashionable.

You need to be careful there.... bleaching can make your hair fall out if you do it too often and it sounds like you do! Check with your local hairdressers to make sure that you aren't going to go bald!!!