i might idk yet . like to be natural but i want to just try it once . maybe i could dye it red or jet black . any opinions or thoughts on this?
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Do absolutely whatever you want with your hair, I don't regret dying mine. If you dye it red, though, red fades very easily and very quickly. I recommend Bed Head Urban Antidote hair products for either red or black. Remember, your hair, your choices. Good luck!

thanks so much. can you add me.

also if i ever get rich or famous , you must be my stylist

Haha yes! Will do c: plus, try to get your hair trimmed regularly (only half an inch or so). It'll keep your hair extremely healthy. And by regularly I mean every month or every couple of months. Just some tips, in case you need :D

thanx your the best.

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no leave it brunette

ok . thanx. xxx

dont trim or cut it either

ok :)