I Hate It!!!

My aunty is a stylist, and she always recommends new things for my hair. My publicist likes me change up my hair a lot too. So every few months I either get it cut, get extensions, get highlights, or very rarely dye it. I HATE to fully dye my hair. The chemicals hurt it, and I like my natural color. In 2011 I got my hair completely dyed for the first time. I got it a few colors lighter than my natural shade, so it came out quickly. I was glad. Recently my publicist said that she wanted a complete change to my hair. She wanted it a different color. I was very nervous. So, my other stylist dyed it red. Not Bree Van De Kamp red, but red velvet cake red. I HATE it! What kind of color is that? I've only seen two people who look could with that color of hair and I'm not one of them! It's bull crap. I feel like I don't have a right to my hair. I really hope this stupid cake dye washes out soon.
EmylovesBen EmylovesBen
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Tell them to get you wigs instead. You only have to wear them sometimes and for only a short time!!!

It actually looks good :) A change can be almost as good as a holiday.

But I know what you mean. Regardless how good a colour looks, nothing looks as good as healthy hair.

Look at the bright side... experimenting can be good because you figure out what colours and styles to avoid ;) Hair grows back.