Dysfunctional Family Problem Please Help My Mom

ok my mom has a huge problem. its a family problem.

ok one day her brother's long lost daughter resurfaces and so my mom goes out to lunch with her since she would be her aunt.

a few days later her brother calls my mom and tells her that she shouldn't of been the first one to see her and that he and his wife should of been the first to see her. and they get into a big argument over that. (my mom is totally confused.) he eventually hangs up on her.

then a few years later my mom calls her brother back to try and get back in touch after not speaking to each other since the big argument over the phone years ago. my mom asks if he would like to have lunch with her, because she needs some support with the divorce my mom is going though. he tells her idk, that seems a little weird, because she wants to have lunch with just him and not him and his wife. he eventually hangs up on her again.

then a few minutes the brother's wife calls my mom back and yells, don't you ever mess with my family again! And don't you ever call my husband again either! and hangs up.

my mom is totally confused as to what is going on, because her brother for no reason at all has shut his own sister out of his life, idk if it was is wife that is manipulating him or what.

but how can my mom resolve this? it's really hurting her because she is so confused as to none of this makes any sense at all. please help.
SMitchell05 SMitchell05
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

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this seems like quite an upsetting situation especially since you dont even know why her brother is acting this way i guess the only way you could find out is through him but if he unwilling to talk i really wouldnt know what to suggest :(