My Home Built E-stim

I made an e-stim unit from an old ab energizer. this is my first try at e-stim and so far have been loving it, it makes me so wet and keeps me like that for as long as I use it, I have actually made wet spots in my pants when I have driven with it on me. one time I had it on and powered for 2 days continuing to turn it back on when the session was over. after two days like that wow, it was like nothing else I had ever done. it felt so good. addicted? not yet but loving it oh, yea. I will keep going with it and upgrading it when I find better pieces for pads, right now its the wires hooked to coils of wire I put on myself. I am designing a pair of panties I can wear that has the electrodes wired in, so all I have to do is hook up and go.
Thong34 Thong34
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 21, 2012

try different electrodes, thereare lots of things that work and can be made out of non lead plumbers solder it canbe bent into many shapes