So tonight, a few hours back, I had gone to one of the movie theatres with my friends and having gotten seated in a comfortable position in the hall, I was all set to watch my movie.

It was at that point of time that I had a young girl, stand just a few paces, in front of me, trying to call one of her friends. I so happened to look up (jus curious) to see who it was and the moment I looked at her, I saw her cute face animatedly calling out her friend. And then my eyes looked just a few inches below her face and my eyes lit up, as I could see her hot, thick (not too thick), medium sized perky nipples, right through her bra, through her top. It was such a delicious looking pair of nipples that was protruding through her clothes and I don't know if it was the tone of lights that was in the hall which made it look so clear, as if I was looking at through an X-ray vision glass. As soon as I saw it, I looked up at her and I knew she has seen me looking at her nipples and though it was embarrassing move that I made, I quickly turned towards my friend, which made it so evident that I was deliberately avoiding looking at her. I did this just so that I don't make the girl feel awkward, but my I knew my eyes were actually beginning to have the feeling of fixation on her nipples.

I turned back at her after a couple of seconds and I knew she was looking at me, still calling her other friends to where she was. I was trying hard (but with little success) to not let my eyes linger on her hard nipples, but I just couldn't stop myself. And then when I realise, I look at her, I see that she perfectly knew I was visually devouring her nipples. I do admit she wasn't smiling at me or making a favouring / inviting gesture (come on, this is no **** ****.. I believe such favourable gestures can happen only in ****), I did realise that neither was she disgusted, nor disapproving or nor did she have an ounce of awkwardness. I can see that she is looking at me as much as I am looking at her but unfortunately for me, the number of times I looked into her eyes would have been half the number of times as much as she looked into mine, clearly, I was so into her nipple watch. They were so hot and erotic and I could see that they were facing upwards, kinda looked like it was an invite for some nice nipple action.

I happened to see her quite a few times during and even after the movie and we really did have something that was going on between her and I, as her gaze at one point had to be interrupted by her friend. As the movie got over, we made sure we were getting out through the same exit and we were walking very close to each other and her nipples looked much better and hotter as I came closer to her. This time she finally smiled at me and left me and we never spoke a word.

I am just lying down on my bed and thinking, if it was the EP effect on me because of these stories that I read on here. Whatever it was, it was an awesome feeling and the chemistry between us, though short-lived, was a very arousing one.

This is my first ever story in EP.

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and a very nice job....... ;-)

Thank you ... :)

no really, my pleasure.....if you had a little more graphic details, you would have a great soft-core erotica..... and I hear they make good money.... ;-)

I am really glad you liked it... Cuz I wrote it to vent out my feelings here on EP hoping not to be judged.. Honestly, I have had judgmental folks around me and I dont give them a damn but I just wanted to vent out at a neutral place and I wrote it here. Your words of appreciation really does make me more than happy.. :)

it is a double edged sword though on here.....It is nice to be able to share and talk about your experiences in a place you won't be judged and if you are it really doesn't matter because you don't really know any body on here...but at the same time it gets out of hand sometimes and with the "openness" of the community can lead to many bad problems.....

But what I liked about your post was its's honesty....and what appears as an innocence...because it is one of the first times you have probably wrote something or shared something like this....guys don't usually journal or write much.....and when I first saw the length of your post I was immediately impressed....You actually took the time to type out your reactions, describing a real life event......and if this is the first time you have done this, this have done a very nice job.

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