First Times

i had a step sister at he time she was 10 i was nine she wanted to play at touching each others genitals. i was surprised that i felt anything sexual but i did get a stiffy. the sight of her vulva was facinating the smell was intoxicating. those experiences followed me for years. .i never told a soul we secretly played until oe day she said she was afraid, by then i was ejaculting.. we had often played in her bedroom as teens we were the best of friends but discontued any form of sexual play
lawena lawena
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so hot i used to hav sex constantly w my mom n sisters from 5yrs n older

mom has to be so loving

Was so intense n beautiful. Learned everything n how to plz n be plzed.

Frankly, the ****-smelling **** of a pre-teen must be absolutely awful. Plus you sound like a damn *********, man.

At 10, with the degree of hygiene in most pre-teen girls' underpants, the smell of her vulvette must have been intoxicating indeed. Enough to pass out....

an intoxicating bouquet to be sure, leaves an everlasting impression.

A mixture of **** and unwashed ******, along with a few days of unwashed I said, enough to pass out!

very heady indeed

The 9-10 ages were the years I began my sex relations. my cousin ., l;ucy Anne, and I started screwing. She liked the sex touching so much that she would put her skinny little butt near me whenever there was time. Cindy got me started by staring me in the eye while I reached up her dress.

It was the same for me, feeling her soft ***** through her panty mmm

if only we could recapture those moments Things were so open boys with boys, girls with girls and boys and girls together without the thought of shame, blame or guilt, just that knowledge of being naughty was enough spice.

One thing that really stands out after all these years is. the day my finger was wet with her young juices and i held it up to my nose and trembled from the heady scent of her girlness, the taste will remain in the deep recesses of my conciseness forever.

almost makes me wish we were kids again. There are people that have forgotten that kids get horny too

all those early times are now precious memories

As long as it\'s kids playing with kids and not hurting once another, just having fun discovering, it\'s fine. Normal sexual play. That\'s how I discovered early I preferred the smell of a girl\'s anus to the smell of her slit.

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