Moaning And *******

I became friends with my sisters (shes 17) friends,..bryce..he's soo hot,..he's a "bad boy" every time that we've been left alone together we've done something,..but the first night ever...he was over at our house with my sister and 2 other friends..and I just like to be on there too...well, everyone leave and gets in one car and bryce says"oh ill just drive myself ill catch up" well we talked for about a few minuets,.and we started asking questions,and the more questions we asked the more personal they "have you ever made out" or "have you ever had an erection" well we started sitting closer and closer,and i looked at him and smiled and he smiled back and i stared into his gray/green eyes,.and we kissed slowly, and then started to make out,..then i put my hand on his thigh..high up on his thigh,..he had one hand on my side making his way to my boobs,.and he put his hand on my boobs and squeezed them a bit,i tugged his shirt a little saying i wanted it off , and he took it off..and he asked for mine off too, i said Ok and I took my shirt off , showing my new bra (b cup) he stood up and faced me (we wer sitting on the edge on the bed) he pinned me down and we made out more, he began to put his hand on my thigh moving up wards,.he asked if i would take my pants off , and i said only if be took his off ,..we agreed and took are pants off...him in his gray plaid boxers and me in some Victoria's Secret panties,..he started to gently run my slit out side my panties as i got more wet,.and I could see he was getting hard,.we starting making out again and we changed positions to where he was sitting on the bed and i was also but i was sucking his ****, his moaning was just amazing to listen too...i took my last lick and he pinned me back again and moved his head down ward to my slit and he was rubbing me, he started to finger me,.one finger lightly , and two fingers a bit faster , i was moaning pretty loudly ,..he was going to **** me with his **** but we were scared of getting me pregnant (no condoms) so after he was fingering me with 2 fingers i came ,..he licked my slit of the juices and ***..and it was heaven...and them it was his turn..i started to jerk him and lick his tip and he was soo close to ******* ...i was living him more and he eventually did in my mouth,..we cleaned up the mess we made and got dressed...every now and then we'll touch each other and kiss ,.we still are friends tho,.
nikkibubz nikkibubz
22-25, F
Aug 12, 2013