Two Medals While In the Army

My first was the Army Achievement Medal for volunteering to solve a problem in the supply group. I know, they say not to volunteer but i was bored and needed a challenge. My second was the Army Commendation Medal for thinking outside the box. Always faced with what they said couldn't be done. And i proved them wrong. Didn't expect a medal but not complaining either.

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you are right so we got pushed out the back door to make room for others<br />
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just think what will happene to you guys soon look around at what is happening every place else as other come in to power and the right we are lossing as people to people thathave ever server<br />
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just think of the ones like me that have been on a waiting list forover 4 years now to see a ortho doctor for service connect injurys and worst yet from friendly fire that killed 13 leaving 2 of us alive and 2 years in a hospital 6 monmths of that in a coma

and what did you get for it<br />
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you get pushed to the side as other newer vet come in to the picture just like the carboard city from the vets of world war one we get lot of promises then stabbed in the back<br />
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ihave years of night mares to go with mine night mares that can never be talked about with others and i paid the higest price for this country and if i had to tell others i should have went to canada<br />
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they knew they day they told our mother her dayghter was also killed i was alive and in a coma but you see it wa not there job so the same group tol hr just one day later her daughter was killed in viet nam as she walked to work in siagon<br />
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stemp a fi / navy

Thank you for your services. I want to join the army someday.

thats great ive never been in the military!

Congradulations! My boyfriend is in the Air Force and I truly respect everyone in all branches of the military. Thank you for your service to our country and god bless :)