The Importance Of Close Friends

Through out my journey in EP I have come to nkow alot of peopel from there writings to personal exsperinces and things that would make your hair stand up on end. I happen to be quite fortubate to have found my friends here and the few that stand out beyond that because of how much care they have shown. Now I made sure that when I chose my friends, by reading there messages and postings and it reflected to me that I chose wisely. There is one that I will not mention, showd me how deep her feelings were and that there was a trying time in her life that would have given everyone else a night mare. This proved to me that she is a very strong young lady and is very smart in her reasonings. I dedicate this to my friend because she has grounded me and kept me form making a total fool.

I thnka her and all the friends for being so supportive and understanding. I have met new ones and I hope they read this to see that this is what I have been looking for. Perhaps they will chose so with ease and without fear. As my friends know I pride myself for being a very peacefukl and loving man

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The same can be said about friendships that have gone in an opposite direction, people do change in time and with hope can be redkindled into somthing far better than before. All it takes is to read what is new in there lives.<br />
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thanks for all tyour cooments, sorry its been so long to responde

Thank you for exspressing that, it was very nice of you to say, the feeling is mutual

Hello kissy =o)